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Safehome Coordinator (Part-Time)

With an MPA from NYU and over 5 years of professional experience working as a Project Manager and Developer on small and large-scale projects, Nneoma is very passionate about education technology, capacity building, effective management and social Justice.An avid human rights advocate, Nneoma is specifically interested in working with underserved families to develop projects and programs that empower and protect the most vulnerable members of society especially vulnerable women and children.
Nneoma is a Safehome Coordinator with Restore NYC. Prior to working with Restore, Nneoma worked as a Project Developer/Manager for Genesis House, a women’s rehabilitation shelter for victims of domestic abuse and sex trafficking in Africa’s largest city, Lagos, Nigeria. Her goal is to be a part of the systemic change that creates a world void of hate, violence and discrimination_ a world where every individual is treated in fairness and equity.
Nneoma’s driving desire is to transform her world by making a difference whenever she can and wherever she is given a chance. Her vehicle, Public Service.