Holistic, trauma-informed, and culturally sensitive

We serve foreign national survivors of sex trafficking with a holistic, trauma-informed, and culturally sensitive approach. Our commitment is that these women experience greater independence and well-being.

As one of the primary nonprofits providing counseling and advocacy through the Human Trafficking Intervention Courts, our services include educating clients about their legal rights, trafficking, and community resources.

Our partnerships with law enforcement, community groups, and churches allow us to identify and connect survivors of sex trafficking to a range of resources, including our Client Services, Safehome and Economic Empowerment programs.

__Client Services

Client Services

The goal of our Client Services program is to identify and serve more foreign national survivors of sex trafficking.

Our team specializes in identification, and we meet with hundreds of women each year who are at risk for sex trafficking and have not yet been identified. We conduct culturally sensitive, trauma-informed assessments attending to specific trafficking industry indicators to determine whether a woman meets criteria for being a survivor of trafficking.



Our Safehome program is a holistic, trauma-­informed, and culturally sensitive residential care approach to helping foreign national survivors of sex trafficking move toward greater independence and well­‐being. Survivors can stay up to 12-­18 months in a safe home environment where their immediate, long‐term, and on‐going needs are met through our in-house programs and partnerships with other service provider organizations.

__Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment

For survivors to experience freedom, financial independence is key. As a result, our holistic Economic Empowerment program connects women to safe, sustaining jobs. By equipping survivors with new skills and supporting them to transition into new jobs, we believe the women we serve will experience not only healing and restoration for themselves, but also for their children and generations to come.

__Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment

Restore is looking at the big picture. By developing innovative processes to collect and monitor outcome data, we consistently measure our impact in three areas: physical and mental well-being, economic empowerment, and spiritual growth. By analyzing impact, we can start to understand the changes clients experience over time, allowing us to continue refining our programs and serve survivors of sex trafficking in increasingly comprehensive ways.