Rebuilding the Life Intended

Our home is a space of healing, friendships, and hope. Residents of our Safehome program can stay for up to 12-18 months to heal and start rebuilding their lives. We work with each resident to create a restoration plan that fulfills immediate, ongoing, and long-term needs.


Approximately 7 to 10 women make their home here each year. To ensure that each woman feels understood and empowered, no matter what her nationality, faith, education, and trafficking experience is, we customize our programming based on her personal restoration goals.


Our in-home programs range from physical and mental well-being (counseling, doctor referrals, nutrition and cooking classes), to economic empowerment (budgeting, ESL classes, job skills training, job placement), to spiritual growth (times of prayer, Bible reading, reflection).

In our Safehome program the women build a strong community, which becomes the foundation for them to regain their dignity, discover themselves newly, and begin on a path to restoring their lives.