The Numbers

  • Human Trafficking Numbers: 27 Million

    In 2011, then Secretary of State Clinton stated that as many as
    27 million people worldwide are victims of human trafficking.

  • Human Trafficking Numbers: 32 Billion

    The International Labour Organization estimates that
    $32 billion are generated annually by the human trafficking industry.

  • Human Trafficking Numbers: 800,000

    Approximately 800,000 victims are trafficked across international borders
    per year.

  • Human Trafficking Numbers: 18,000

    The State Department estimates that nearly 18,000 foreign nationals
    are trafficked annually into the U.S.

  • Human Trafficking Numbers: 2nd

    The U.S. is the second highest destination in the world
    for trafficked women
    . The vast majority are trafficked into the sex industry.

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