Freedom Collective.


The Freedom Collective is a community of problem solvers with the dedication it takes to make freedom real.


Restore NYC serves immigrant survivors of sex trafficking in New York City.

Women we serve typically face a myriad of challenges related to mental health, immigration, housing, and economic empowerment. Simply put, our work isn’t easy. That’s why we need the Freedom Collective.

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Members of the Freedom Collective signal their commitment to our mission by giving monthly. They allow us to do work that’s not only noble, but effective.


How It Works


If you’re committed to freedom, build it into your daily life by giving monthly.


Your monthly gift tells us you’ve got our back, now and in the future. We can work faster and better.


Restore can continue to fill the most significant gaps in the anti-trafficking field: housing and economic empowerment.


We can also continue training hundreds of other organizations. Your impact is scaled across the country.


Members of the Freedom Collective receive exclusive event offerings, customized communications, and community.



  • Early invitations to our Freedom Labs, where you can connect with our staff, meet others from our supporter community, and better understand the impact of your gifts

  • “Buy one, get one free” offer for our annual Freedom Gala (limited to members giving ≥ $100/month)


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