Philanthropy Advisor (Part-time)

Before returning to the nonprofit sector, Brynne was an investor and business analyst for 15 years. Though these may seem like two different worlds, she loves bridging them together as Philanthropy Advisor for Restore.

She also galvanizes support, energy and resources for great leaders and organizations, whether through her consulting work at Respire Enterprises or as the creator and co-director of the Coburn Ventures Community for Change.

She was with Coburn Ventures for 10 years, most significantly serving clients as an equities analyst in the Technology, Media, Telecom, and Internet sectors, analyzing through the lens of monumental change in society. She became a Partner in 2011. Prior to Coburn Ventures she was a Research Associate on the Semiconductor teams at UBS Investment Bank and Lehman Brothers.

She is a Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Fellow, serves on the NationSwell Leadership Council, and became a Chartered Financial Analyst in 2006. She received a B.A. from Duke University, is originally from Utah, and somehow found her way to New Jersey with her husband and their two children.