Become an Employment Partner

Restore’s Economic Empowerment Program aims to create pathways to economic security for survivors of trafficking through job placement, career development, and entrepreneurship services. In our job placement service, our goal is to equip survivors with core skills, knowledge, and training to help them find jobs, retain jobs, and thrive in their careers. Our job placement service includes:

Resume writing 


Career planning

Interview preparation

Job placement

Job etiquette
Job retention coaching

When someone exits trafficking, securing alternative options to generate income is essential to reduce the vulnerabilities and prevent them from being further exploited or re-trafficked. 

We want to help survivors get job-ready and generate income in a safe job as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, a lack of employment opportunities is a barrier survivors face on their journey to economic freedom. Therefore, we aim to build partnerships with mission-minded businesses that provide safe and restorative employment and training opportunities.

Partnership Benefits

  • Support survivors of trafficking on their path to sustained freedom.
  • Receive training and information about creating a trauma-informed and psychologically safe work environment.
  • Recruit qualified and diverse talent who have completed job readiness or vocational training.
  • Ongoing support to ensure seamless onboarding and transition post-placement.

Contact us if you are ready to provide the following:

  • Worksite Tours
  • Internship opportunities
  • Employment (seasonal, part-time, full-time)