There are many ways to support Restore as a volunteer. Read about your many volunteer opportunities that contribute to our programs and overall mission below. When you're ready simply submit your application by clicking the button below.

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SAFEHOME & Client services PROGrAMs

Requirements: All safehome and client services positions require an application, interview, background check, and training. Safehome positions also require a 6-month commitment.

Daytime & Overnight Coverage Volunteers: Individual Coverage Volunteers help cover shifts at the safehome and provide extra support for staff. While at the home, volunteers help staff with projects and interact with the residents in conversation, working with English language studies, cooking and doing other activities as needed. Overnight Coverage Volunteers are trained to manage the home overnight. These volunteers sleep during the majority of their shift but are available in case of emergency. Date needed: ongoing

Program Volunteers: These volunteers offer specific skill-based classes and workshops for residents, usually pertaining to their field of expertise, such as wellness, tutoring, job training, etc. Date needed: ongoing

Professional Cleaners: We're looking for a professional cleaning crew come to our Safehome and do a deep cleaning of the home once or twice a month. Please let us know if you know of a company/organization that would be willing to provide pro-bono services.

Sewing and Alterations: We’re looking for a volunteer to help with sewing and alterations for Safehome residents. The item(s) could be picked up from our Midtown office.

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Requirements: All direct client services positions require an application, interview, background check, and possible training.

Branding and Design Volunteer: We are looking for someone who has experience with branding and design to help create content for a website. It would be great if they could be a visionary, taking what we already have and build off of it with their creative expertise. This could look like collecting stock images that matches the brand, clarifying language, color choices, and page layout. Familiarity with Salesforce is a plus! Date needed: ongoing

Volunteer Team Leads: We are looking into the possibility of offering a mentoring program on Saturday mornings and would love to have volunteer team leads for this initiative. It would involve committing approximately 4 hours on Saturday mornings for an extended period of time. Date needed: ongoing

ESL Coaches: Fluent in Mandarin and Spanish is a plus. Role would take place on weekdays, ideally from 9am to 6pm for 12-week cycle. Date needed: ongoing

Business Mentors: Seeking business mentors with availability to volunteer 3 hours per month for one year. Fluency in Mandarin and Spanish is a plus. Date needed: ongoing

Economic Empowerment Event Organizers (for up to 6 events): This role is remote and flexible except on Event Day(s). Availability for 4 hours per week. Date needed: ongoing

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Our survivor-centered approach emphasizes culturally- and linguistically-sensitive programming and services. As such, we are often in need of bilingual volunteers to help translate documents or occasionally, interpret in person for clients. Predominant needs have been Spanish, Mandarin, and Korean; however, we serve clients from across the globe and are often in need of assistance with other languages.

Currently seeking: Hungarian and Malayalam translators. Date needed: ongoing

Our General Volunteer Orientations are held quarterly. Please see upcoming orientation dates below:

Fall Orientation: November 12, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

*Orientations for specific current volunteer opportunities will be held more frequently, more details sent after application review.