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Restore has a steady group of volunteers serving in various roles across our programs. Fill out our volunteer form to see available opportunities and to be notified when future volunteer opportunities arise.

Volunteer Opportunities

Economic Empowerment Mentorship Program

Restore NYC is seeking English-speaking and Spanish-speaking mentors with experience in business creation and/or business development to share their business acumen and entrepreneurial expertise with survivors, who are now determined to re-enter the labor market by starting a business venture, pursuing self-employment, and/or studying to advance professionally. The mentor will use a combination of mentoring, coaching, and active listening strategies. Help survivors move forward in economic mobility. The mentor is expected to meet and work with their mentee for at least 15 hours per quarter for one year.

Translation/Interpretation Needs

Restore NYC is seeking volunteers who are fluent in Spanish or Mandarin for translation and interpretation needs as they arise. Translation needs would be for documents to be translated from English to Spanish/Mandarin and interpretation needs would be in person or virtually. Volunteers must be fluent/native in Spanish or Mandarin.

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