What We Do

Trafficking is a devastating problem.
We dare to fight it with real solutions.

Survivors will always drive our approach.

That’s why we deliver three solutions survivors identify as essential for freedom: trauma counseling, economic empowerment, and housing.

What we do

Client Services

Clients receiving counseling services from our licensed clinicians reach average mental-health scores for the community-dwelling population.


Seventy-two percent of clients exit homelessness and transition into safe, stable, and affordable independent living in their communities.

Economic Empowerment

Graduates who retain their job with a business partner for a year have annualized earnings of $27,000, i.e., three times more than the counterfactual for immigrant women in New York City.

Join the fight.

We’ve worked hard to find proven solutions. We need you to help us bring them to more survivors of trafficking in need.