We exist to end sex trafficking in New York and serve foreign national survivors

Who we are

Restore NYC identifies and serves foreign national women who have survived sex trafficking. We believe trafficking is a problem that has a solution, and we are fighting this injustice in NYC and across the country.

Who we serve

We serve women from 5 continents and over 40 countries who have been trafficked or sexually exploited in NYC. Over 70% of the women we serve are mothers, and the average age of survivors referred to Restore is 37. Each of these women is strong, courageous, and driven to provide for herself and her family.

Our Programs



Identifying and serving foreign national survivors of sex trafficking



12-18 month holistic, trauma-informed transitional housing for survivors



Empowering women with skills and support to find sustainable employment

Our Impact

We invest in measuring impact because it creates better outcomes for the women we serve, and keeps us accountable to our supporters. In each of our programs, we devote significant time to program evaluation and are eager to share impact highlights from this year.

Restore’s impact work is a model for how all human service agencies should evaluate their services. — Rebecca J. Macy, PhD, ACSW, LCSW, L. Richardson Preyer Distinguished Chair for Strengthening Families, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The principles that drive us

Doing whatever it takes for restoration.

We deliver the care that is critical to the restoration of survivors in a way that is holistic, trauma-informed and culturally sensitive.


Measuring outcomes to constantly improve.

We evaluate our programs to understand what works or doesn’t to always improve how we empower survivors.

Sharing our learnings.

We desire to serve and train other partners in the movement so that more women experience freedom and empowerment.

Our Approach

Holistic, trauma-informed, and culturally sensitive