We are a nonprofit organization making freedom real for survivors of trafficking in the United States.

About Restore

Since 2009, we have pioneered innovative trauma-informed services, housing and economic-empowerment solutions that give survivors access to a safe home, a safe job, and improved wellbeing — the things that our data tell us make freedom real. We provide safe and respectful services and referrals to anyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, or ability status.

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We are survivor centered.

We consult with Restore’s Survivor Advisory board, focus groups, and receive survivor input through our quarterly client satisfaction surveys. We provide trauma-informed, low-barrier services that honor survivor choices and self-determination.
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We are effective and impact driven.

We measure our effectiveness using the Freedom Index and Balance Scorecard. We run pilots, measure impact, and iterate in order to continually improve our programs. Our rigorous data have made us a leader in the field.
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We are innovative and entrepreneurial problem solvers.

We opened the first transitional home on the East Coast dedicated to immigrant survivors of sex trafficking. Our Economic Empowerment program is tailored for survivors of trafficking, delivering job readiness and entrepreneurship training, as well as pitch night events in multiple languages.
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We are influencing and shaping a rapidly evolving field.

There are nearly 100 nonprofits across the U.S. with a primary mission to serve survivors of trafficking. In 2018, the federal government distinguished Restore NYC as one of the few to receive Department of Justice grants for both housing and economic empowerment. Additionally, we have created a number of impact reports to the field including our “Road to Recovery” report that was quoted in the Trafficking in Persons report by the Department of State.

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We are motivated by our Christian values.

In this cultural moment, the world is looking for a response to the brokenness around sexual exploitation and gender-based violence. As an effective Christian organization in this space, we're positioned to make the Gospel a leading voice at this time.

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We value diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

Our staff are trained on topics such as addressing bias, psychological safety, and working with LGBTQ+ survivors. We have established processes and measures that ensure equity in hiring, promotions, and service provision.

At Restore NYC, we dare to fight trafficking with real solutions.