Restore – NYU Entrepreneurship Lab

About the Entrepreneurship Lab

In summer 2019, in partnership with NYU Bronfman, Restore NYC piloted the Entrepreneurship Lab (ELab), a first-class entrepreneurship training program designed to equip survivors of trafficking with advanced business and entrepreneurial skills.

The ELab seeks to neutralize one of traffickers’ greatest weapons, a woman’s financial vulnerability, by offering survivors an additional ladder in their climb to economic independence away from exploitative commercial sex work. According to data collected from Restore NYC’s Economic Empowerment program, 78% of participants indicated yes to interest in starting her own business. The ELab provides quality instruction and mentoring so that students graduate feeling empowered and equipped to advance their own business and career goals.

Students begin with an intensive one- to two-week entrepreneurship training program led by top business professors, trainers, and industry professionals. Upon course completion, each student then matches with a business mentor who works alongside them for another 12 months to provide support and professional counsel.

Our Impact

Across the board, participation in the Restore-NYU ELab improves survivor’s careers. Based on a pre- and post-ELab survey, participants reported:

Join us.

The Entrepreneurship Lab is cost-free for students, and all eligible students receive financial aid to offset any lost earnings during the course. We rely on individuals like you to make this possible.

Support entrepreneurs.

Your donations will be used directly to support:

  • Student financial aid
  • ELab program logistics
  • Student business and career plans post-ELab

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