There are many ways to support Restore as a volunteer. Read below to see the different volunteer roles that contribute to our programs and overall mission.



Requirements: All safehome positions* require an application, interview, background check, training, and 6-month commitment

Coverage Volunteers (General): Individual Coverage Volunteers help cover shifts at the safehome and provide extra support for staff. While at the home, volunteers help staff with projects and interact with the residents in conversation, working with English language studies, cooking and doing other activities as needed.

Overnight Coverage Team: Overnight Coverage Volunteers relieve our in-home coordinator twice a week, and are trained to manage the home overnight. These volunteers sleep during the majority of their shift but are available in case of emergency.

Program Volunteers: These volunteers offer specific skill-based classes and workshops for residents, usually pertaining to their field of expertise, such as yoga, wellness, tutoring, job training, etc.

Group Volunteering: Churches and community groups such as Hope for New York volunteers plan regular events and activities with the residents in small groups.

Supplies (*Exempt from all requirements): Individuals and groups help purchase needed items to help keep the safehome running smoothly, such as cleaning and laundry supplies, toiletries, paper goods, etc. These donations are incredibly helpful in maintaining low costs at the home so that more resources can be poured into programming and additional services.



Requirements: All direct client services positions require an application, interview, background check & training

Professional Development Workshops and Mentoring: Individuals can volunteer their expertise by co-facilitating a workshop about their field professional exploration workshops and/or provide a workplace tour/shadowing for interested clients.

Interpreters and Translators: These volunteers help with any translation needs during workshops or community events, etc., as well as document translation. Key language needs are currently Mandarin, Spanish and Korean; however, anyone who is bilingual can contact us for potential opportunities.

Drop-in Center Volunteers: These volunteers work one-on-one with clients at our economic empowerment drop-in center. Clients schedule appointments to work with volunteers on skills such as resume writing, job searching, applications, basic computer skills, and interview preparation. We prioritize bilingual volunteers for this opportunity.



Our survivor-centered approach emphasizes culturally- and linguistically-sensitive programming and services. As such, we are often in need of bilingual volunteers to help translate documents or occasionally, interpret in person for clients. Predominant needs have been Spanish, Mandarin, and Korean; however, we serve clients from across the globe and are often in need of assistance with other languages.

"I leave the safehome softened by the women’s love and acceptance. I feel more courage to look at my own life and believe that there can be healing."