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I typically don’t get off work at the massage parlor until 11pm. Many times I am just starving. I didn’t know what to eat and sometimes the other worker leaves me some food like grapes or an egg. I didn’t have money to buy any food so I collected bottles of recyclables to sell. I can make $10 per bag but my boss didn’t want me to put the big trash bags near the parlor, so he yelled at me.

I found this parlor through the job board at the local Chinese grocery store. It said they would train me so I applied. But when I showed up, they just took my ID and told me to go work.


With your help we can continue to bring victims out of the shadows and into freedom.

Sometimes, the customers tried to assault me sexually. The first customer I ever worked with – I served him for an hour. I just did massage. Usually the customer is just face-down. But suddenly after an hour, I told the customer – 1 hour finished, only 15 minutes more – and he turned around and asked me to give him a “happy ending”. I told him “no, only massage”. The customer got upset and said no more, and I didn’t get any tip for that work. That was the first time.

There once was a customer waiting over 40 minutes. I got into that massage room and worked there for 10 minutes. The customer turned face up again. I said “no, face down, don’t look at me”. The customer said “no” and then asked me to do some really inappropriate things. The customer started to touch me, I didn’t know what to do, so I continued to serve him. I only did 20 minutes and didn’t get paid.

I wanted to quit, but the boss doesn’t allow me. The boss said, “you need to find a new person to come and then you can leave”. Boss didn’t ever want to pay me. I served one customer for 3 hours but only got a $5 tip. I can’t get my ID back, and he told me I won’t be able to find other work because of what I did and because I have no papers. I felt ashamed. That was all I thought I can do.

But then one day, the police came and arrested everyone. I was brought to a court and to Restore. Before Restore I didn’t know about my rights or how I could find safe work. Finding work is still hard but I am glad I met people who I can trust and ask for help.

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*Name has been changed to protect identity.