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Spotlight on Direct Service Gaps

Right now, there are devastating gaps in services available to adult survivors of trafficking. This in-depth report consults experts in the field and explores where the gaps are the worst, why they exist, and the actions we can take to close them.

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Impact Unlocked Report

In our Impact Unlocked report, ten leaders outline best practices for measuring impact and evaluating a program’s effect on survivors of trafficking. It also offers a pathway for common frameworks to assess and communicate outcomes that will help us all get closer to working smarter and ending human trafficking.

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在本报告中,该国 12 家领先的非营利组织概述了一套旨在促进贩运幸存者和具有交叉脆弱性的个人创业的计划的最佳实践。

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2021 年 1 月,Restore 发布了一份来自全国领先的反贩运组织关于应对 COVID-19 的新兴最佳实践的报告——这是同类报告中的第一份。

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